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Get closer to your customers with more than just messaging

Sometimes your customer support teams might need more than just messaging to help customers. They might require audio and even screen sharing capability. For example, a user might need your help with setting up a feature or troubleshooting an issue.

With Freshchat 's co-browsing feature, you can do just that. Your support team can request and gain access to a user’s active tab and help them remotely through screen sharing and audio chat.

With the combined power of text, audio, and video, you can give better demos, educate new users, and resolve issues faster, right from the Freshchat Inbox. 

How to initiate a Co-browsing session

Click on the Co-browse icon below the reply text box. You can request either a View only or View and Control session. View only lets you view your customer’s current tab while View and Control allows you to view and take control of your customer’s active tab. 

Freshchat prompts your customer to Allow or Deny your session request. 

If your customer clicks Allow, they will see another prompt to allow or deny microphone access for audio-chat during the co-browsing session.

If your customer accepts the audio-chat request, a new tab opens on their end for the audio connection which must be kept open until the co-browsing session ends. The audio connection will be lost if your customer closes this tab. So make sure to let them know about this. After allowing the audio connection the user needs to switch back to the tab with which they need help.

At any point, you can request control or give back control to the user. Or your user can get back control by clicking the ‘Get back control’ icon on the left. You and your users can also end the session at any time by clicking the End Session icon.

After you end the co-browsing session, you will get a prompt to add a private note about the session to have context later, in case you reopen the conversation or reassign it to some other agent.

Some important points to note

  • To load your business's page during a co-browsing session, Freshchat will need to download your CSS. So make sure that you have allowed cobrowsing.freshchat.com on your server by adding the following line: Access-Control-Allow-Origin: https://cobrowsing.freshchat.com

  • Freshchat does not track and store any private information your customer might have on the site being co-browsed.

  • Agents cannot see or control any other tab on your customer’s end apart from their current tab.

  • Agents can view or control your customer’s current tab only with explicit permission. 

  • Your customers can take back control at any point in time.

Set up audio-chat permissions

As an Admin/Account Owner you can allow or restrict access to audio for agents in Freshchat .

Go to Admin > Co-browsing

You can choose from one of the following options for the audio call,

  • Automatically start an audio call: The audio call will start automatically when an agent initiates a Co-Browsing session.

  • Click to call: Agents can click to start an audio call. They can end or mute a call at any time without affecting the session.

  • Disable audio calls - Team members can only initiate a screen sharing session. They can’t make an audio call.