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Co-browsing is a feature where agents can request and gain access to your active tab and help you remotely by controlling your screen temporarily through screen sharing and audio chat.

How to initiate a Co-browsing session

Agents can request either a 'View Only' or 'View and Control' Co-browsing session. 'View' only lets agents view only your current tab while 'View and Control' allows the agent to view and take control of your current tab

Freshchat will prompt you to Allow or Deny your session request. 

If you click Allow, you will see another prompt to allow or deny microphone access for audio-chat during the co-browsing session.

If you accept the audio-chat request, a new tab opens for the audio connection which must be kept open until the co-browsing session ends. The audio connection will be lost if you close this tab. After allowing the audio connection, you need to switch back to the tab with which you need help.

At any point, the agent can request control or give back control to you. Also, you can get back control by clicking the ‘Get back control’ icon on the left. You can also end the session at any time by clicking the End Session icon.

Some important points to note

  • Freshchat does not track and store any private information you might have on the site being co-browsed.

  • Agents cannot see or control any other tab on your end, apart from your current tab.

  • Agents can view or control your current tab only with explicit permission granted by you. 

  • You can take back control at any point in time.