Freshchat release notes - 11th October, 2018


1. File attachment limit increased to 35MB:

                The file attachment limit has been increased from 30 MB to 35 MB for each file in the Quick Access repository.

2. Batch service for Widget:

                All event requests (data dog events, event store calls) will now be collated and sent as bulk requests which improves XHR efficiency. 

3. Agent logout across all tabs:

                When agent has open in multiple tabs and logs out from one tab, he is automatically logged out from the other tabs as well. Previously this was not the case.

4. Agent 'isTyping' for webhooks: 

                When agent starts to type a reply, they 'is typing' status will be shown to customers. This was possible only in the native Freshchat widget. Now it is possible to display the status in custom widgets too.

5. Display unread count in numbers:

                Unread campaign message was displayed as a red dot before, now the unread count will be shown within the red dot.


1. Multi-account login - scroll for agent widget:

                In agent widget, for multi account login, you can't scroll past more than 8 accounts. It is now fixed.

2. Search FAQs in Chinese:

                It was not possible to search Chinese FAQs in the Freshchat widget. It is now fixed.

3. Broken sign up flow for existing accounts:

                When you sign up for a new Freshchat account and you already have an account with that email ID, previously a message was displayed "unauthorised access". Now it is fixed and you will be redirected to the login page with a message "account already exists".

4. CSAT survey:

                CSAT survey information was recorded even when the user selects "skip" option. It is now fixed.

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