Freshchat release notes - Canned Response by Groups and other enhancements

New Features

1. Improved Canned Responses for Android:

                We now support Canned Responses in Android.


1. Improved Canned Responses:

                You can categorise Canned Responses, share with the team or create a private category of Canned Responses. You can also assign Canned Responses.

2. Improved Canned Responses for iOS:

                Improved Canned Responses are now supported in iOS.

3. Region selection in Chrome extension Agent widget:

                You can now select region 'US or EU' in the chrome extension when you login.

4. Slack Integration Enhancement:

                The invite user option is now removed from the Slack integration settings page. Instead, you can invite new users by adding them directly to the slack channel.

5. Convert conversation option for Freshservice in Agent Widget:

                You can now convert a conversation into a Freshservice ticket from the Agent Widget.

Bug Fixes

1. High values for First Response Time and Response Time:

                High values for first response time and response time in the Reports page has now been fixed.

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