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Freshchat Service Affected - 31 December 2018

Some of our Customers faced downtime of 5-10 Mins with Freshchat Service

Why - We use REDIS for Caching and Message Broker Services. Few of the REDIS services failed and our Monitoring Tool picked up the alert. Our SRE/Engineering Team had to push a quick fix and ensure the services were up and running. Even though we had a BCP/DR process in hand, we needed some time to push a quick fix and ensure the services went unaffected.

Moving Forward - SRE & Engineering Team have set up stricter SLA for internal Services and moving forward any such alerts/issues will be processed even sooner to ensure customers are unaffected.

Escalation Matrix :

Level 1 - support@freshchat.com

Level 2 - sudhir.babu@freshworks.com

Level 3 - vijay.shankar@freshworks.com & sri@freshworks.com

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