Freshchat release notes - Bug Fixes (January 25, 2019)

Bug Fixes

1. Translation correction in Settings Page:

            There was a minor spelling error in the translation of Brazilian Portuguese language in the Profile Settings page. This is now fixed.

2. Incorrect Timestamp in the latest message:

            The time stamp on the latest message was showing up as "in now" instead of "now", due to the time difference between the user time zone and the server time zone. This is fixed.

3. Assignment Rule issue:

            Assignment rule was not working when one of the conditions was “URL contains” with an input containing camel case character. This is fixed.

4. Agent reply showing up in a different conversation:

             When agents switch between different conversations and reply fast, the reply sent on one conversation was showing up in a different conversation which required a page refresh. This is now fixed.

5. Widget load on IE11:

           Fixed an issue where Freshchat widget was not loading in IE11. 

6. Spacing issue in Email Notification:

            The email notification sent to users for unread messages had spacing issues. This has been fixed.

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