Freshchat release notes - 3rd April, 2019


  • Widget Ember Migration

Ember migration version has been upgraded from 2.18 to 3.5.

  • Unread count for filters

Instead of a default once in 30 seconds update for all conversation filters (views), we now update filters (views) based on the currently active filters.

  • Webhooks Authentication Key

Webhooks authentication key will now displayed in Freshchat UI. You don't have to contact support for the authentication key anymore.

  • Freshsales Lead Source update

Now, the source from where the lead came through will be updated in Freshsales.

  • Business Hours execution update

For a current ongoing conversation, Business Hours Away message will be triggered based on the time at which the last message was sent by the team member. If the last message sent is below 30 minutes, the away message will not be triggered to the user.

  • French language support

For the customer facing widget, French language is now supported. You can set it up in config.

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