Group Notifications, Add-on's and more

New feature

  • Group Notifications

When a conversation gets assigned to a Group, all agents in that group will now be notified of the chat assignment.

Feature Updates

  • Add-on's in Billings page

Add-on's will now be displayed in your Billing's page inside Freshchat. For example, if you a user in Blossom plan and you have a feature from Estate/Garden plan enabled for you as an add-on, it'll now be displayed in your Billing settings. Previously this was not there.

  • RBAC for Reports and Dashboard

You can now define roles and permissions for Dashboard and Reports. You can restrict metrics shown based on custom roles.

Hi, the group notifications does not work. You get a notification on dashboard, but not on the app on mobile.

Group notifications does not work on the app (ios & android)

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