Auto Resolve conversations and brand new People's page

New Features

Auto Resolve

To improve your team’s productivity you can auto-resolve (close) conversations with customers who have stopped interacting. You can set the time for auto-resolving conversations. 

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Feature Update

Brand new People's page

We have revamped our people's page to match the conventional look and feel of the product. 

  • Create personal segments or create and share user segments with other teams or team members
  • See which conversations are active
  • Reopen a conversation from the people's page
  • Assign a chat to a different team or team member right from the people's page
  • See the list of channels on which a customer hasn't engaged
  • Rearrange the user info section
  • Permission to edit the user name and email is now part of Roles and Permissions feature so only team members with permission to edit user details can do so.

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