Freshchat release notes - 18th Nov, 2019


  • Get notified on desktop, mobile, email, and in- app

Now you can control what notifications you receive from your Freshchat account. You can also pick a notification sound. 

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  • Personalised login for mobile app

Now you can login to your Freshchat account with your personalised subdomain, if your account has been migrated. 

  • Ability to search FAQs displayed based on tags on iOS and Android SDK

Now you will be able to search the FAQ articles that you've displayed with tag filtering (i.e, in the Freshchat messenger, if you're displaying FAQ articles only on certain pages using tags or only to certain customers, they will be able to see the search option now). This is available only on mobile SDK at the moment.

What I need to active FAQ's search with tags?

Hi Matheus,

You just have to update your mobile SDK!

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