Freshchat release notes - December 2019

New Features

  • Answer Bot and Custom Bot

From visits to loyalty ー Book meetings, convert prospects, engage customers, and retain users with chatbots for marketing, sales, and support.

  • Roles and Permissions(Mobile)

Now Roles and Permissions feature is supported for Freshchat mobile app.

  • Siri Shortcuts(iOS App)

Ask Siri to set you active/inactive on IntelliAssign or get the conversation count assigned to you.

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Feature Update

  • Languages (Malay)

Now Malay language is supported as part of Freshchat’s Multilingual feature.

  • Android app

Get notified about new messages on Freshchat app, even when your login has expired. 

Freshchat login expires after every 30 days. Now, you can get notified about new incoming messages even if you’re logged out of Freshchat. You’ll get a notification and a prompt asking if you’d like to login.

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