April 2020

We came up with a few new features and renamed a couple of features.


  • Advanced Automations App(Marketplace)

Automate your daily chat workflows, save time for Agents, and help them focus on tasks that matter with Advanced Automations app. You can automate 4 workflows out of the box. You can also create more based on your business needs.

  • Drop-down(iOS and Android SDK)

Now you can include drop-downs as a response type instead of the regular reply text box in Freshchat. This is available as an API.

  • GIF support(iOS)

GIF images are now supported in iOS SDK.


  • Renamed Features

We renamed a bunch of capabilities to help you and your team better understand what they can do,

  • Inbox > Team Inbox
  • Team Members > Agents
  • Team Member Availability Report > Agent Availability Report
  • In-App Messages(in Campaigns) > Targeted Messages
  • Away Experience > Offline Experience
  • Quick Access > Files
  • Labels > Conversation Labels
  • Events Capture > User Events
  • Usage Details > User Properties
  • User Properties > Custom User Properties
  • Team Widget/Agent Widget > Team Inbox Lite
  • Omnichat(Chrome Extension) > Team Inbox Lite(Chrome Extension)

  • Freddy Answer Bot

You can now choose to toggle Freddy Answer Bot on/off on Topics.

  • Freddy Custom Bot

i. Now you can clone an existing Custom Bot flow to create a new bot flow.

ii. You can use custom user properties as placeholders in the bot flow.

  • Groups

Group limit has been increased from 100 to 300. You can create upto 300 Groups in Freshchat.

  • Images

Now you can upload images upto 25MB.

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