March 2020


  • APIs
  • Drop-downs

Now you can include drop-downs as a response type instead of the regular reply text box in the Freshchat messenger. This is available as an API.

  • Carousels

With carousels you can share a list of options or list of options with images with customers like a slide show with a button to take an action. For example, if you're an e-commerce provider selling shoes, and a customer reaches out to you on chat asking for shoes in a specific size, you can share a list of shoes available in that size along with the images and a button to buy. This is also available as an API.


  • Languages

We've added Hebrew language to the list of Multilingual languages supported in Freshchat. You can find this under Settings > Languages.

  • WhatsApp Business

Now you can send images and attachments with proactive messages(template messages) in WhatsApp. For example, previously you will only be able to send a flight booking confirmation on WhatsApp, now you can send the ticket(as pdf) along with the message.

  • Freshdesk Integration

Now you can restrict sending CSAT survey to customers whose chats are converted into tickets in Freshdesk.

  • Team Members

You will now be able to see the list of available/remaining seats in your Team Member settings.

  • Bots
  • We've increased bot timeout from 90 seconds to 5 minutes now. You cannot respond to or interrupt a bot conversation till it moves to a team member – either at the end of the conversation or after the bot engagement times out. The bot will hand over control to a team member after all the questions have been answered or after the time-out of 5 minutes have been reached.

  • Typing indicator will be displayed to customers on bot conversations(when they're awaiting a response from the bot).
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