Advanced Automations

What is Advanced Automations


Automate your daily chat workflows, save time for your Agents, and help them focus on tasks that matter, with Advanced Automations.


Advanced Automations is available as an app in the Freshchat Appstore (Marketplace).


Type of workflows you can create with Advanced Automations


With Advanced Automations you can create four types of workflows,

  1. Auto Response - You can automate chat responses

  2. Auto Resolv- You can auto-resolve conversations

  3. Auto Assignment - You can automate conversation assignment  to a specific agent or group

  4. Auto Escalation - You can auto-escalate a conversation to a specific agent or a group 


How to Install Advanced Automations

To install go to Apps > Bots & Workflows > Advanced Automation > Install.






Once installed, click on the gear icon in the right and select Settings.




Before you can start using Automations, you need to add the API key and SDK APP ID of your Freshchat account. 




How to get API key and SDK APP ID

To get API key, go to Settings > API Tokens > Generate Token.




To get SDK APP ID, go to Settings > Mobile SDKs



Once you add both the keys, click Save. You can now start using the predefined workflows or create custom workflows.


What are predefined workflows

With predefined workflows, the most common use cases are automated and you can use it with a click of a button. Advanced Automation comes with 3 predefined workflows.


  1. Assign to first responder - Assigns a conversation to the first agent who replies/sends a message on the conversation.

  2. Auto resolve if user does not respond - Auto resolves a conversation if a customer does not send a response message for a set time of 120 seconds (2 minutes).

  3. Send first response - If all your agents are busy, you can send an automated reply message to a customer waiting for a response. For example, you can send an automated message that says “Thank you for your patience, one of us will get back to you shortly”.


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