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How did SuprDaily uses Freshchat's WhatsApp solution to deliver daily essentials to 70,000 customers

What's SuprDaily?

SuprDaily is a subscription-based delivery company for milk, daily essentials like bread and eggs, and groceries. It helps people to manage their grocery needs easily from their smartphones. Founded in 2015, the brand has grown rapidly to serve thousands of users.

SuprDaily has since been acquired by Swiggy (India’s largest food delivery service provider) and currently operates in 6 cities.

What issues did they face? 

As the user base and demand for SuprDaily’s service grew 10x from a modest 5000 - 7000 deliveries daily, it became more and more impractical to support customers without a robust system in place. Customers could reach out to support via WhatsApp and a helpline number.

How did Freshchat and bots solve these issues for them?

SuprDaily’s support team has rapidly scaled from using a single agent WhatsApp interface to a 50+ agent team on Freshchat, managing a major chunk of the overall support volume across channels.

Today, in lockdown, one of the ways that Supr manages it's daily messaging volume is by integrating with Freddy AI

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