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Know more about your customers with Context pane

Sending messages to customers can be scary. The message you send determines future relations with your customers. What’s even scarier is sending a message to a customer without knowing any information about them. It’s like roller skating without any protective gear on.

So, how does Freshchat help with that? Freshchat's Context pane helps you send the perfect message with contextual information.

Let's take a look at an E-commerce example. Before sending out a message to a particular customer here’s everything you can know about them!

  • Details such as their name, email ID, phone number, etc.,

  • Purchase history, no. of items in their cart, membership ID.

  • Follow how your customers have navigated through the website to have better conversations with them.

  • App integrations such as payment apps would display the customer’s payment history.

Well, what more can you ask for? Isn’t this enough to have great conversations with customers? 

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