Freshchat Release Notes - June 18, 2021


  • We’ve improved the initial page load speed of the agent portal.

Bug fixes:

  • Bot avatars weren't getting updated for some users. This is fixed.

Some users were facing issues while adding a new bot avatar or changing their current bot avatar — where the new avatar wasn’t showing up in the widget.

This is now fixed. Your bots will now look just the way you want them to.

  • The list of languages was appearing broken to some users in the bot builder. This is fixed.

The list of acceptable languages as an input option in the bot builder was breaking for some users.

This is fixed. We’ve removed the glitches that appeared while selecting the languages from the dropdown in the bot builder.

  • Extra blank lines were showing up on WhatsApp for some users when bots were deployed. This is fixed.

Single line breaks in a dialog (in the bot builder) were rendered as a double line break on WhatsApp for some users.

This is now fixed. Double spacing is for college essays, not for your bots on WhatsApp.

  • The “you have unsaved changes” pop-ups were rendering with a missing title for some users. This is fixed.

The popup that warned you of not saving the changes was rendering without the title for some users.

This is fixed. The titles will show up in the right places.

  • The elements on the Topics feature page were breaking for some users. This is fixed.

Some users experienced visual glitches when they updated their existing Topics.

This is fixed. You can modify your Topics without worrying about distorting the fabric of space-time inside Freshchat.

  • Conversations were being automatically resolved for some users. This is fixed.

Some conversations got resolved without the agent hitting the resolve button.

This is fixed. Your conversations will only get resolved if you hit the resolve button.
Or you could use the shortcuts: command ⌘ + Y on Mac or Control + Y on Windows to resolve conversations.

  • Some users were seeing the unread indicator show up even for conversations that were read. This is fixed.

The indicator for unread messages started showing up for conversations that were already read.

This is fixed. Your read messages will no longer appear unread. Chat in peace.

  • The bot conversation filter wasn’t working from the dropdown for some users. This is fixed.

Some agents weren’t able to see the dropdown to filter and list bot conversations.

This is fixed. Filtering the conversations between your bot and your customers is back to the old normal.

  • Some Freshdesk Omnichannel customers were facing issues when they wanted to add agents to Freshchat. This is fixed.

Some Freshdesk Omnichannel customers couldn’t add new Freshchat agents or give existing agents access to Chats. Sometimes, they’ll get the notification that the agents were added; but the agents wouldn’t have access to Freshchat.

This is fixed. Admins can go about sharing access to Chats on Freshchat. 

  • Users were facing issues with exporting data because of role restrictions. This is fixed.

There were some discrepancies in the role permissions for exporting data. This allowed some users to see the option but didn’t let them use it.

This is fixed. Only the roles who have full access to exporting data can see the options to export data.

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