Freshchat Release Notes - June 25, 2021


  • Made improvements to the Date picker in the Freshchat bot builder

    The date picker in the Freshchat bot builder is now more powerful and easier to use.

    Earlier, you could just let your customers pick a date from a range of dates — but that wasn’t flexible. With this update, your customers can choose from a range of dates you customize for your customer service.

    For example, if you want them to pick a day within fifteen days from the current date you can specify exactly that:

    A screenshot showing how the new date picker looks like
    You can also define the date format that you will be using in APIs and other flows right from here.

  • Better formatting for the JSON payload field in the API library

    Any information in the JSON payload text field was rendered in a single line, making it hard to follow. Now, we beautify the JSON payload content.

    A screenshot showing how the new JSON payload field picker looks likeThe JSON payload text field now renders in a simpler format that can be easily consumed, not just by your bots but also by your humans.

  • Better search results on the Conversations page

    Earlier search results filtered by external conversation IDs would display results across all versions of your bot. This was confusing if you had multiple similar conversations across the different bot versions.

    With this enhancement, the search results filtered by the external conversation ID will display results only from the current version.

    You can check out the results from the other versions with the version picker dropdown.

Bug fixes


  • Validation errors for input types in the Conversations widget

    Input validation for specific fields (name, email address, phone number, and number) wasn’t working when you deployed your bots on the Conversation widget (but worked on the Self-service widget).

    This is fixed. The widget will repeat the question until it receives a valid input type. For example, if you’re collecting your customer’s contact number, but they accidentally enter an alphanumeric value — the widget will keep asking for their contact number till it gets a valid input.

  • Fixed a typo in the API payload that caused issues with API calls.

    Sometimes the API payload included had a typo in the product source name field. As this returned the payload status as “BAD_REQUEST”, this caused issues in the API calls.

    This is fixed. We’ve corrected the typo, and it won’t cause issues. To err is human. To correct it is a bug fix.

  • Fixed issues with the status updates for WhatsApp OTP verification inside Freshchat.

    Some customers were facing issues with the WhatsApp OTP verification. The integration status did not switch to ”Connected” after their OTP got verified. Instead, it remained in the “OTP verification” status.

    This is fixed. The WhatsApp verification status will be updated properly.

  • Fixed issues with how the “<” character was rendered in the bot builder.

    Sometimes the “<” character would be converted to a string of characters when used as part of the bot builder. This also caused issues when those dialogs were used as part of other flows or API calls.

    This is fixed. The “<” character will show up as itself and not as a different character. Don't we all know it's important to embrace ourselves?


  • Fixed an issue where email notifications for unread messages came from Team Freshchat, not your team.

    In the beginning, email notifications for unread messages carried your team name. However, a recent bug caused these notifications to be sent from “Team Freshchat” instead.

    This is fixed. Your customers will get updates that are labeled from your team, not from “Team Freshchat”.

  • Fixed an access issue that allowed agents to delete files uploaded by admins.

    We discovered and fixed a bug that allowed agents to delete files that admins had uploaded.

    We’ve strengthened the access controls to ensure that agents can’t delete files uploaded by admins.

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