Freshdesk Messaging Release Notes - July to Sept 2021


1. When configuring the API library, users were unable to see any actions when clicking on the ‘Run’ button. This has now been improved.

2. There was an option to delete the default ‘Go Back’ Quick Action. The delete option has now been removed to avoid accidental deletion. 

3. When a standalone Freshdesk Messaging account or a Freshdesk Omnichannel account is migrated to a different org, the bot account did not migrate automatically. It was still associated with the initial org. This meant that customers could not access the bot from the new account. This has now been solved and the bot account is transferred when the overall account migration is initiated. 


4. Once a Quick Action is configured, the Action appeared in the Bot builder only after refreshing the page. This has now been enhanced and users can now see the Quick Action settings as soon as they create and save it.

5. Under the bot Train/Question page, the Edit and Delete actions did not have tooltip descriptors. This has now been added and users can see the action when they hover over the icon. 

6. Odia language is now supported! You can avail it under these fields:

  1. The dropdown of multilingual file upload

  2. Language input selection for dialogue input type

  3. Preview parameter language input selection

7.  In the Article node, if the text used has no space, it overflowed out of the box in the Bot builder UI, and it was not displayed completely in the widget. This has now been fixed and the text gets wrapped after a certain length. 

8.  When the bot is switched from ‘draft’ version to ‘public’ version, the tab changes from ‘Train your bot’ to the ‘Questions’ page. This has now been fixed and the page remains at the ‘Train your bot’ page even when we switch versions.

9. The entire user information available as JSON was stored twice. These were removed as a part of log reduction to help users have a better experience.


10. Under the API reports, you can now get two new columns that weren’t available previously:

  1. Response count

  2. Average response time in seconds

11. We have enhanced a few UI capabilities to be more WCAG compliant:

  • Previously, new messages sent or received were not announced, this is now fixed.

  • Previously, focus moved to the earliest message (top) when the user pressed Shift+Tab, this is now fixed and focus will be moved to the latest message

  • Previously, headings skipped from H1 to H3 so users were unable to search for headings. This is now fixed and H2 is available.

  • Previously, new messages were announced only if the focus was inside the chat. Now, messages are announced even if the focus is elsewhere. 


12. When high-quality images were uploaded to Whatsapp as a profile picture, the image quality degraded and it appeared pixelated when viewed from Whatsapp. This is now fixed and image quality will not be lost. 

13. Previously, the chat concurrency reports were based on these parameters: 

  • The conversation gets auto-resolved if it is in ‘Response Due’ state

  • The conversation gets auto-resolved if an agent is unassigned


Previously, while calculating the chat concurrency, these values were not taken into account and hence the chat concurrency ratio was less than 1. This is now fixed.


14. While changing/updating your card details in Billing, the ‘Auto-renewal’ option was set to off by default. Now, it will remain On for customers who had it turned on before card updation and will remain Off for those who had it turned off.


15. For FAQs that are imported from Freshdesk, anchor linking is now available which will make the page scroll down to the specified paragraph.

16. When a chat gets initiated from Line (or Whatsapp, or any other channel), the user ID should populate from the custom properties so that the agent understands where the customer is coming from. This is now available.

17. The email validator in Freshdesk Messaging was updated to accept more diverse email addresses like

18. Currently, ‘User alias’ is shown in Historical data and ‘User ID’ is shown in the People’s tab. Now, customers can view User Alias in People’s data to make it easy for them to match data for analytics.

19. If a slack channel was archived and users tried to re-integrate Slack with Freshdesk Messaging, a generic message was displayed. The error message now says ‘Slack channel archived’, users can unarchive the channel and integrate without issues. 


1. Generating manual reports for bots for 24 hours took more than 10 hours, this has now been enhanced and users can now generate manual reports within 4 hours.


2. When a customer uses the character ‘>’ as input in a custom field, it got converted to ‘&gt’ in the Conversations screen. This has now been fixed. 

3. Users were able to create new flows, change the name of bot flows, delete a new action added to a flow, view API and quick action details from another account, this has now been fixed. 


4. A user could delete the Custom properties of a draft bot, edit/delete other users’ quick actions, and edit Fallback messages from another account. This has now been fixed.

5. When a user creates a trial account and authenticates on their own subdomain, they can then change the subdomain to any other domain. This provided them full access to bots in that subdomain - they could change bot messages, publish/unpublish a bot, and read all conversations. This has now been fixed, and users can no longer access subdomains other than their own. 


6. When a user clicks on ‘Get Response’ while building a bot flow, there were a few UI glitches where one element overlapped on top of the other. This has now been fixed. 


7. Custom variable name was not being displayed while hovering over the Custom Property attributes set in Bot builder’s API page. This impacted how the bot displayed responses to customers. This has now been fixed and the custom variable name is now displayed.

8. When selecting ‘Date’ as an action for response in bot builder, there was a glitch in the UI where the calendar overlapped on the ‘Select date’ button. This is now fixed.  


9. When Dialogs were configured with Solution Article type input as well as Quick Actions like Stop Conversation, sometimes selecting the Quick Action buttons opened the solution articles in mobile view. This was due to custom properties in button height. This has now been fixed and the buttons work as expected.


10. For customers using Freshdesk Messaging and Freshbots, metering was happening both at the parent account level as well as at the bot level. This has now been fixed and customers will be charged only for the parent account. 


11. Text formatting options like Underline, Italics, Strike, etc., were not working in the bots and they were being displayed as HTML tags. This has now been fixed. 


12. When the end action of a custom flow has conditions that contain the word ‘exec’ (like executives), it resulted in the dialog getting repeated. For example, if the end dialog says, ‘Get in touch with our executive’, this caused the same message to be displayed repeatedly. This was due to a security update that blacklisted ‘exec’ as a method. This ‘has now been fixed and the flow works as expected.

13. When images were sent as attachments in Internet Explorer, they did not load in the bot. This has now been fixed and images can be uploaded to the bot on Internet Explorer.


14. While displaying a greeting message when the bot is configured in the bottom left, the text is hidden and the button gets clipped. This has now been fixed and the message will appear as a bubble on the right side of the Chat widget.


15. When a bot flow is transferred to a group or an agent, the Landing URL was not passed to Freshdesk Messaging. This resulted in the chat not getting transferred to an agent/group when the bot flow ended, leaving the end-users unattended. This has now been fixed and the Landing URL is passed to Freshdesk Messaging as expected.


16. When creating a long dialogue node with more than 1000 characters, the icon option to change font style (A) wasn’t being displayed. This has now been fixed and users can now format the font style as required. 


17. When there are multiple unmapped intents in the Train your Bot page, and when we filter out unmapped intents, the page glitches and scroll doesn’t work. This has now been fixed and the page loads as expected.

18. When the Bot is unpublished in Facebook integration, sessions were still shown as consumed and this sometimes caused account deactivation. This was due to webhook issues and has now been fixed. 


19. The Billing page was visible to users with the Admin role, this has now been fixed. Billing details can only be viewed, accessed, and updated by Account Admins.

20. The Dialog page gets updated and saved automatically when selecting a function from the dropdown list. This has been fixed and the page until the user clicks on ‘Add’.


21. The agent name was not displayed for the first message when the flow transferred to the agent from the bot. This is now fixed and the agent name is displayed as soon as the bot flow ends and the chat is transferred to an agent.


22. An error message was displayed when trying to publish or switch the version in the bot builder. This is now fixed and the user can select from existing flows and messages in different versions. 


23. The ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons to add or remove packs on the Billing page were not working. Users had to manually type in the number of packs they want. This is now fixed. 


24. When the user enters the name of any Quick Action, like Exit Chat, the action takes place in spite of not selecting the ‘/’ command. This is now fixed, and the Quick Action works only if supplemented with a ‘/’ command. 


25. In the Messaging widget, a textbox appears between bot messages for a few seconds. This misguides the user to enter data which leads the bot to display a ‘Sorry’ message. This has now been fixed and the text box no longer appears.


26. In the Train your bot page, when an intent is deleted, the pagination corresponding to the intent does not disappear causing the user to believe that deletion didn’t take place. This has now been fixed and the pagination disappears once the intent is deleted.

27. When there are multiple topics set up within the Messaging widget, the bot is triggered when the user initiates a chat on one topic but not the other. This has now been fixed. 


28. The number of packs subscribed by the customer did not get reflected in the account, and hence the bots stopped working. This has now been fixed. 


29. Agent messages were not displayed in the Bot widget once the flow is transferred to an agent. This has now been fixed. 


30. In Line messaging channel, when HTML format messages were sent with tags (like <p> or <br>), they appeared as tags instead of the intended formatting. This is now fixed and customers will be able to see the intended formatting in Line.

31. The job title updated in Freshworks CRM profile didn’t get updated in Freshdesk Messaging platform. This is now fixed.


32. When Quick Reply buttons are configured in Freshdesk Messaging,, the latest messages sometimes don’t get populated automatically in the widget, and users had to scroll manually to get to the latest message. This is now fixed.

33. With Freshdesk integration, a ticket is generated when the ‘Create ticket when a chat is resolved’ option is enabled. This was not working as expected, the ticket did not get created when the agent clicked on the Resolve button. This is now fixed.


34. With IntelliAssign, there was an issue where the Online/Offline status of agents was not being displayed. This is now fixed.


35.  Emojis were not being displayed when searching for them in the Emoji Picker search bar. This is now fixed.

36. Users were unable to open hyperlinks added to FAQs using the Insert Link option. They had to right-click the link and click on ‘View in new Window/Tab’ to open the link. This is now fixed.


37. There was a mismatch between the number of conversations displayed in The Dashboard and the number shown in the Reports. This is now fixed. 

38. Customers with chosen language other than English were getting an empty page when clicking on ‘Change plan’ on the Billings page. This is now fixed.


39. When an end-user sends a file with a comma in the filename to an integrated Whatsapp business number, agents were unable to download the file in the Chrome browser. This is now fixed.

40. Customers were facing subscription auto-renewal issues due to $0 invoices not being closed. This is now fixed.


41. When customers migrated from Freshdesk Messaging standalone to an Omnichannel now fixed and they will receive only one invoice from Freshdesk.


42. Non-English customers were facing an issue where conversations did not get loaded in the Inbox due to Live translate not functioning as expected. This is now fixed.


43. When receiving the invoice for Whatsapp proactive template messages, customers did not get the From and To dates. This is now fixed.


44. After signing up with Freshdesk Messaging, Spanish language customers were not able to skip past the Account Configuration screen as the Skip button was unavailable. This is now fixed.


45. When a user reopens a closed conversation by responding, the first message was missed while appending the chat to the reopened ticked. This is now fixed.


46. When the conversation is reopened by an end-user, the bot was not kicking in and responding as expected. This is now fixed. 

47. When agents share an FAQ article as a link from the Agents portal to Whatsapp customers, they get an error while trying to open the link. This is now fixed.


48. Agents were sometimes unable to see their names on the Conversations page, but it was displayed in the Inbox. Validation for names was removed and this issue is now fixed. 


49. When users navigated to the Agent data page from the Agent Availability dashboard, an ‘Invalid results’ error was displayed. Users had to refresh the page to view data. This is now fixed and users can view the data without performing refresh action.

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