What are Canned Responses?

How to setup Canned Responses?

How to edit or delete a Canned Response?

Can team members set up Canned Responses?

What are Canned Responses?

With Canned Responses, you can set predefined replies to common queries, which can be accessed and sent by team members in between conversations, optimizing response time and boosting productivity. Team members can access Canned Responses by typing '/' followed by the Short Code.

This helps save time while sending messages like greetings, setup instructions, service information, and more.

How to setup Canned Responses?

With the new Canned Response, both Admins and Agents can create canned responses.

An Admin can create canned responses and,

1. Share it with all team members

2. Share it with specific groups

3. Or have it under personal folder, which will not be accessible by anyone else except the person who created the canned responses.

Agents can create canned responses. However, agents cannot share canned responses with other team members or groups.

The new Canned response also supports rich media, you can add images and emojis to your canned replies.

For example, an Admin will see the below screen in Canned Response settings.

And for Agents, the Canned Response settings will look like this,


Notice the '+' missing next to Shared Categories in the Agent screen.

To create canned responses,

1. Go to Settings.

2. Select Canned Responses.

3. Click New Canned Response.

4. Enter the title and the canned response text. You can even add images and emojis to the canned response.

5. Enter the short code for the canned response.

6. Select the folder/category under which you want to add this canned response.

7. Click Save


If you choose to add a canned response in a folder under personal category, it’ll only be visible to/accessible by you. If you choose to add it in a folder under shared category it can be accessed by all team members who have access to that folder.

What are Categories in Canned Response and how to manage them?

If you are an Admin, you can see two categories in your canned response settings - Personal Categories and Shared Categories

Under each of these categories, you can have multiple folders. And under each of these folders, you can add multiple canned responses.

To create a folder,

1. Click . The New Canned Response Category box appears.

2. Give a name to the folder. For example, let's call it 'Support'.

3. You can choose this folder to be available only to you, to all your team members or only to specific groups.

Note: If you choose Myself it’ll be added under Personal Category. If you choose the other options it’ll be added under the Shared Category.

4. Now, under the newly created folder 'Support', you can add canned responses.

To delete a folder,

1. Click on the folder name.

2. Click the gear icon in the top left corner of the page.

3. Select Delete Category.

4. Click Yes, Delete to confirm deletion. 

At any point in time, you can change the folder assignment. For example, you can make a folder under your Personal Category, to be available to all team members or a  specific group.

To modify a folder's details or assignment,

1. Click the gear icon.

2. Select Manage Category.

3. You can rename the folder or change the assignment of this folder by selecting a different option.

You can also map folders under each category to specific Groups.


You can also add rich media such as images to your canned responses.

How to edit or delete a Canned Response?

To Edit/Delete a canned response, hover over it and the options appear on the right side.

To move a Canned Response to a different folder, under the same category,

  • Select the canned responses.
  • Choose a category from the drop-down.

To use a canned response in a conversation, type ‘/’ (forward slash) followed by the short code or click Canned Response and select from the list of categories you have created.