With Canned Responses, you can set predefined replies to common queries, which can be accessed and sent by team members in between conversations, optimizing response time and boosting productivity. Team members can accessCanned Responses by typing '/' followed by the Short Code.

This helps save time while sending messages like greetings, setup instructions, service information, and more.

To configure canned responses,

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Click Canned Responses.

  1. Click Add a canned response.

  2. Enter the Short Code.

  1. Enter the message.

  2. Click Save.

To use a canned response in a conversation, type ‘/’ (forward slash) followed by the short code.

For example, /hagd can be a short code for Have a great day!, which you can use at the end of a conversation with a customer.


You can also add rich media such as images to your canned responses.

Editing or Deleting a Canned Response

To Edit/Delete a canned response, hover over it and the options appear on the right side.