Update: A new two-way integration where team members on Freshchat can decide which conversations need to be converted as tickets and reply to and resolve conversations from inside Freshdesk. 

The Freshdesk and Freshchat integration brings your support and messaging workflows together. The integration is built to helps agents convert chats into tickets on Freshdesk, reply to chats from within Freshdesk, and transport FAQs inside Freshchat's web messenger. Agents can respond to messages from within Freshdesk where the conversation can also be resolved.  The integration only addresses the “customer support agent” use case and you will still need to use the Freshchat interface for campaigns, proactive messaging, messaging settings, etc.


Who should use the Freshdesk integration?

This integration is suitable for customers who want customer support conversations across channels (email, live-chat, social, web forms, mobile, etc.) in a single interface, and where the expectations around support over messaging are more asynchronous. If you have high transaction volumes and want to support users in real time (<30 second 1st response time, etc), we recommend you use Freshchat for engaging with customers. 


This integration can also be used to have customer support agents engage on the move via the Freshdesk mobile app with customers reaching out over messaging.


How it works

When an end user messages a businesses, the team member/agent can manually decide to a) Resolve the ticket or b) Resolve the ticket and send it as a ticket to Freshdesk. The messages can also be converted as tickets even before a conversation is resolved.

Some of the ways in which replies and responses can be managed are:

1. An agent on Freshdesk can reply on the support ticket to send a response to the end user.

2. An agent can mark a conversation as resolved by marking the ticket created on Freshdesk as resolved.
3. Responses and the full messaging history of the conversation can be accessed on Freshdesk.

4. The CSAT scores on Freshchat will get reflected inside the ticket on Freshdesk.
5. While sending a conversation to Freshdesk as a ticket, a team member/agent can create fields that gets populated inside Freshdesk.
6. Messages can either be saved as a new ticket or be appended to a new ticket.
7. History of previous conversations will be available via the “recent conversations” section of the interface.
8. Summary of the ticket status, their priority, and the assigned agent will be displayed inside the Freshchat's team inbox view. 

The Source will be set as 'Chat' on Freshdesk.