To set up the Freshchat - Freshdesk integration,

  1. Login to your Freshchat account.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select Integrations.
  4. Select Freshdesk.

5. Enter your Freshdesk Portal URL and Admin User Token to authorize the integration with Freshchat.

ii) Find your Freshdesk API key from Freshdesk --> Profile Settings --> API Key 
STEP 3: Once the authorization is complete, decide between converting every conversation into a Freshdesk ticket or converting specific conversations into Freshdesk tickets. If you want to do the former, click on the 'Make it mandatory for team members to convert every conversation into a ticket' toggle. 
STEP 4: Choose the ticket fields which needs to be created by a team member while converting a conversation into a ticket.

1. Click on 'Add a new field' 

2. Click on the Choose dropdown.  3Select from a list of mandatory and optional fields. 

4. Click on 'Save' to save the created fields. Your ticket creation has now been enabled.  

STEP 5: To transport your Freshdesk FAQ folders into FAQ categories inside the Freshchat messenger, select the FAQ folders you want to import. 

1. Select the FAQ folders you want to import from the drop-down below. 

2. Select ‘Do not overwrite category title and description’ if you want to retain the titles and description of the previously synced FAQs. 

3. Click on Import FAQs. 


In Freshdesk there are three levels - Categories, Folders and Articles, whereas in Freshchat we support only two levels - Categories and Articles.To make it compatible, the Freshdesk Folders become Freshchat FAQ Categories. The Articles are maintained under each Category in Freshchat. You can import all Published articles in Freshdesk that are Visible to All users and Visible to Logged in Users. Solutions that are visible only to Agents and Selected companies will not be shown in the list for import.