To integrate Zendesk CRM, you will need following information:

    • Zendesk Subdomain

    • Admin email address

    • Account Token

You must be logged into Zendesk admin account for the integration.

Zendesk Subdomain

To get your subdomain, go to Settings -> Account. Scroll down and you should see Subdomain. You’ll just need the name for the integration

Email address

Email address of logged in admin.

Account Token

To get account token, go to Settings -> Channels -> API

  • Enable Token Access

      • Click on the add new token. Set label as FC or Freshchat.

      • Click on Save button at bottom of the page.

Copy generated token.

Integrating with Freshchat

Go to Settings--> Integrations and select Zendesk.

  • Enter your email address, subdomain and account token.
  • Click Add from the upper right corner when done.
  • Your Zendesk integration is now complete