Clearbit has a suite of tools and APIs that provide intelligence to help your sales team to have targeted meaningful conversation with right data at hand to back them. With the help of Clearbit integration, your sales team would be able to reduce their research time, have conversations with the promising prospects and they will have context they need to close deals.

To enable the integration you will need the Clearbit Token which can be obtained from the link here. Then you can follow the below steps: 

1. Go to Settings --> Integrations.

2. Select Clearbit to open the configuration page.

3. Copy and paste the Secret Key in the Token text box as shown below. 

4. Finally click on Save clearbit token to save and enable the integration. 

Sales reps will have access to all the necessary information about the company they work for. With this integration, any average sales team that spends more than half of their time researching the background of the prospects will know better even without having to spend time on research. They can concentrate on high impact conversations to close deals and do what they are best at, win!