By default, there are three levels Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. As a simple step one can edit any of the default levels and add agent(s). Turning toggle the switch from "disable" to "enable" will have that skill level activated. 

To add a custom skill level, click on +Add Skill Level

  • An 'Add Skill Level' dialog box will pop up

  • Add the label for the skill level from the Label field, the agent name(s) from the Add Team members field and the number of conversations the agent(s) in that group can handle.

  • Once done, hit Save

  • Your Skill Level has now been set

  • Once saved, it will look like this.

  • You can use the toggle switch on the left to enable or disable Skill Levels

  • Note: To edit or delete a skill level, hover your pointer to the extreme right and pick what you want to do.