If agent groups already created it will appear in the group settings. If not, you will see a link create agent groups to use IntelliAssign.

  1. Choose the groups for which it is applicable.

  2. Use the toggle switch to enable or disable IntelliAssign for specific groups. 

Reassign conversation(s) if the agent is inactive in the group:

If an active agent is idle for configurable ‘x’ mins this agent becomes inactive. However, if an agent has active conversations assigned to their bucket and becomes inactive due to idle time or marks themselves as ‘inactive’ these conversations can be reassigned to other active agents in that group.

  1. To reassign active conversation(s) to another agent if the current agent goes inactive please select the ‘YES’ option shown in the screenshot. 

  2. The active conversation(s) will be reassigned to the next agent in the group who has least active conversations in their bucket. 

    Note: If all the agents in this group are inactive the conversation will remain active and within the same group unless an agent comes back on as active.