Open campaigns and hit Create Campaign

Choose In-app Campaigns

Give a name to your In-app campaign and create conditions for the segment you want to send your message to and hit Next


There are two options. Choose a Pre-Existing Segment and Create a new Segment
Pre-Existing Segments are user based properties which are set from your website/app.
New Segments can be created with conditions that match your user requirements


Compose your message, choose the channel in which you want the message to appear in and assign a team member from whose name the message has to be sent out.
You can also choose to send this campaign at your convenience. Pick Send now to send your campaign right away or choose Send later if you wish to schedule and send it later.
After completing this, hit Next.

Check the right hand corner of the screen to get a preview of how the message would appear on your website, iOS and Android apps.

Your campaign is now set and is ready for launch. Go ahead, and hit Launch.