To integrate Freshchat with your Slack account, 

1. Log into Freshchat Admin account (only admin can add integrations).

2. Go to Integrations.

3. Click Slack.

4. Click Add Slack Account. 

You will see permission request from Freshchat to access your Slack account information.

5. Click Authorize, you are almost done.

A Channel called freshchat-chat is created automatically in your slack account to receive messages and the user performing the integration is automatically added to that channel.

6. If you want the messages to be sent to an existing channel, choose the channel from the Select channel drop-down.

You can add more members to the channel directly in Slack.

To set-up a custom command for replying to Freshchat conversations, Click here and follow the below instructions.

Type in the name of the command you'd like to use for replying to messages. We recommend /reply.



Enter the following URL in the corresponding field with the correct App ID:<your_app_id>



Make a note of the token provided by slack for your team. We'll need you to fill it before you're done.



Fill the help text as in the screenshot below. Also, check the option for showing the command in auto-complete list.

Make sure that the command name is the same as you chose.

Click Save Integration once done.