Configuring our bot is easy.

Turning on / turning off the bot

Use the toggle to turn on/turn off the bot interaction.

Configuring Bot interactions

Bot interactions are divided broadly into 3 sections - 

  • a starting message from the bot to set expectations

  • a set of questions you configure to collect information from unidentified users

  • a final message from the bot before ending the bot part of the conversation

Bot behavior for when agents are online / offline

The first message from the bot and the final message of the bot interaction can have alternate messages for when the agents are online or offline. This is so that you can set different expectations with the customer based on whether agents are online and deliver a better experience for the end user.  

You can use the team members are Online/Offline switch to configure each message.

Default Bot interactions

There are 3 bot questions configured by default, meant to capture default fields for a user or lead. These are name, email, and phone number. 

The default questions can be edited or even deleted.

1. To edit a question use the edit icon as shown below.

The edited question can be saved, or the changes can be discarded at any time.

2. To delete a question, use the delete button as shown below.

Adding custom questions

You can add your own questions to the bot, and have the response entered by the user to be captured not just in the bot interaction, but also as a custom user property that can even be synced into the Freshsales CRM.

To add a custom question, use the following option as shown below:

You can edit the question, the data type of the answer expected, and the label you want to provide for the response, which gets saved as a custom property.

You can edit and delete these custom questions at any point in time, similar to how you edit or delete default questions.

Configuring the final message

Once the user has answered all the questions from the bot, the bot can send one last message to set expectations with the user before handing the conversation back to agents. There are 2 options that can be configured here to ensure the bot can set a different expectation based on whether agents are available at the moment. 

See below an example of how this can be done:

You can use the name, email, and phone captured as part of this final message by referring to it as {{}}, {{}}, or {{}}.

Handing over control to team members

The bot will handover control to the team members after all questions have been answered, or after 10 minutes of the bot conversation not being finished (when user stops providing inputs to finish the flow).