An FAQ category is like a folder in which you can organize FAQs that are related or share some context. Categories make it easier for users to find the FAQ they are looking for. You can have multiple categories and each category with multiple FAQs.

For example: If you were to be a SaaS company you would want to create a ‘Pricing’ category and put all your pricing related FAQs under that.

To create a new FAQ category:

  • Select FAQs in the menu.

  • Click the + Add Category in the left pane; the Add Category modal will open up on right.

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 7.27.22 PM.png

  • Enter an apt title for the category such as ‘Pricing', ‘Support’ etc. This will be visible to your user. 

  • Enter a description that explains what kind of FAQs would be available under that category.

  • Upload an image for the category and upload icons relevant to it.

  • Enter the tags that can be used to filter the category for mobile SDK. (For more information on tags, read here)

  • Select the platforms (Web, iOS, and Android) on which you want this category and its FAQs to be shown.

  • You can choose to hide this category and its FAQs from your users by checking Save as Draft checkbox.

Note: If it's a draft, hit Save. Hit Publish when ‘Save as Draft’ is unchecked; it means the category will be published immediately.