To have FAQs presented to users in their local language, you can enable support for multiple languages from ‘Languages’ section in Settings. As of today, we only support LTR languages.

The first is to select the ‘Primary’ language. All the content has to be first added in the Primary language and only then can it be translated into other languages.

This ‘Primary’ language will be used as:

  • Fall-back language when the language of user’s locale is not added/enabled. 

  • Base language to determine if the FAQ content in other languages is up-to-date. 

  • The language to which already existing FAQ content will be mapped, if any FAQ content was already present before enabling multiple languages.

To add multiple languages:

  • Go to ‘Languages’ in settings

  • Select the Primary language from the drop down

Note: Once the primary language has been selected, it can’t be changed. All the existing FAQ content will be mapped to this language.


  • After selecting Primary language, you can select ‘Other’ languages that you want to support. You can keep adding the languages from the drop-down.



  • Primary language cannot be disabled, so the Primary language content will always be visible to users of that locale and also to those users whose locale language is not yet added or enabled.

  • By default the status of Other languages is disabled. You can first add the content for these languages and once you are ready, you can go live with these languages. For a disabled language, even if the content is present, the users of that locale will see FAQs in Primary language.

  • To make the content of other languages visible to users of that locale you need to enable these languages.