To start off with FAQ support in multiple languages, the languages should be disabled so that in the meantime, the users of that locale can access the FAQs in the primary language.

  1. Add FAQ content for the Primary language. This can be done by adding category and FAQs just like regular FAQs.

  2. The tags and platforms that the category and FAQ will be displayed on, can only be selected for the Primary language and other languages will inherit these.

  3. Now to add content to Other languages the first step is translating the category in that language. To translate the category:

    • First, select the language from the drop-down on the left top.


  • On selecting French, this is how it looks:


  • You will see category title in the Primary language and will be asked to Translate it in French.

  • On clicking that category, ‘Add Category- French’ modal opens up. You can see the Primary language (German) content under the text boxes. This is to help you translate.


  • After translating category to French, you can see all the FAQs that are there in Primary language(the title of these FAQs will be displayed in Primary language as it hasn’t been translated yet) and you get the option to translate them to French.


  • On clicking on any of these FAQs, ‘Add FAQ- French’ preview will open up and now you can add the French translation for that content.


  • If the category is already translated into the Other language (French in this case), then there’s one more way to add FAQ translation. In this case, you don’t have to switch to another language. You can be in Primary language screen and add/edit FAQ in another language from there itself.


  • Here on the Primary Language(German, in this case), you will see FAQ content status for all other languages.

  • Greyed out language icon: The FAQ needs to be added. For example, take German FAQ 1 (consider this is in German). The FAQ hasn’t been added for English, so it is greyed out. If you hover over English, you will see tooltip saying ‘Add English’ and the language icon changes to ‘+’, implying that you need to add this FAQ in English.


  • Blue language icon: The FAQ content is up-to-date for that language, with respect to the Primary language FAQ. This essentially means that there has been an add/edit for that language’s FAQ after the last add/edit for Primary language FAQ. When you hover on it, the language icon changes to edit icon and you will see the text- ‘Translation up-to-date’.



  • Red language icon: When editing any FAQ in Primary language, there will be an additional ‘Mark other translations as outdated’ checkbox. If you check it, this FAQ in other languages will be marked as ‘Outdated’ with red language icon until any further update is made in those language’s FAQ post the update in Primary language’s content. When you hover over these languages, you will see ‘Translation needs update’ text.




  • Crossed-eye icon under the language icon: This icon implies that the FAQ is saved as a draft for this language and is not yet published, hence not visible to the users. On hovering, you will see the content’s hidden status.



  • To add content to the disabled languages, click on ‘SHOW DISABLED LANGUAGES’ text on right above the FAQs list.


  • When you are in disabled languages screen, you can go to enabled languages, by clicking on ‘SHOW ENABLED LANGUAGES’.