To sync FAQs from Freshdesk, you should first be integrated with Freshdesk. To integrate with Freshdesk, read this guide.

  • Once integrated, click on ‘Edit’ next to the ‘Import FAQs from Freshdesk’ option.


  • You will see an Import to Freshchat field, which requires you to choose the FAQs you want to import from Freshdesk to Freshchat.


Note: There's a Do not Overwrite Category Title and Description option on the Freshdesk integration page. If you keep this checked, on further sync your title and description will be preserved and not be overwritten even if it is changed in Freshdesk.


In Freshdesk, there are three levels - Categories, Folders, and Articles, whereas in Freshchat we support only two levels - Categories and Articles.

To make it compatible, the Freshdesk Folders become Freshchat FAQ Categories. The FAQs are maintained under each Category in Freshchat.

You can import all Published articles in Freshdesk that are Visible to All users and Visible to Logged in Users.


Solutions that are visible only to Agents and Selected companies will not be shown on the list for import.