If you are using Freshsales as your CRM for your sales team, you can do the following:

  • Easily integrate your Freshsales account with Freshchat. 
  • Automatically create and upload new leads/contacts when a visitor reaches out to you through chat. 
  • Chat with your existing leads/contacts.

Integrating Freshchat with Freshsales:

  • To integrate Freshchat with Freshsales, you have to provide your Freshsales’ account’s domain name and API key.
  • Your Freshsales domain name will be as shown in the image

To get the Freshsales API Key: 

  • Login to Freshsales, click on your profile on the top right corner of the screen

  • Select Profile Settings

  • Switch to the API Settings tab in the profile settings page

  • You'll find your API Key in the API settings tab

  • Copy it to your clipboard

Enabling the integration:

  • Login to Freshchat account as an admin
  • Go to Settings -> Integrations
  • Select Freshsales from the list
  • You will be asked to enter your Freshsales credentials.  
  • Enter your Freshsales domain name and API key. 
  • Click Add Account & Proceed 

To Edit Freshsales account settings:

  • Once the integration has been set up between your Freshchat and Freshsales accounts, you will be directed to the configuration settings.
  • You can see your Domain Name on the top right corner. 
  • You can click Edit to edit your Freshsales account settings from there.

Configuring Freshsales smartplug inside Freshchat:

  • To see relevant details about your leads/contacts while you are chatting with them, you can configure how your Freshsales smartplug will look inside Freshchat.
  • Choose the fields that are most important to you for differentiating between multiple leads as the Primary fields. These fields will be visible even the Freshsales infocard is collapsed. You can select a maximum of two Primary Fields.
  • The Other Fields are present to give you more context on the leads/contacts. They will be visible when the infocard is expanded on click. You can select a maximum of four Other Fields.

You can see the preview of how SmartPlugs will look from the Preview of Freshsales Info Section on the right hand side of the screen 


Primary and Other Fields will be populated from Freshsales in the Freshsales SmartPlug inside Freshchat, if the lead or contact exists for the email ID provided by the user.

Creating new leads/contacts for new visitors:

You can choose to create a lead or contact when a new visitor initiates a chat, if the email ID doesn’t exist in the Freshsales data. (The visitor information will be collected by our Bot; check out the guide to configure the bot)

  • Enable the toggle- ‘Automatically create lead/contact from above fields if no matching data exist in Freshsales’.

  • Select whether you want the visitors to be converted to Leads or Contacts by choosing the appropriate option for ‘Convert new incoming conversations into’ radio button

  • Click on Save to finish the configuration