Customers today are multitasking and are in need of an asynchronous and personalized experience that live-chat does not offer. They already find it in consumer messaging apps like WhatsApp, but when it comes to businesses, there is a huge gap.

Freshchat is an all-in-one messaging software for all your sales, marketing, and support needs. A leap from legacy live-chat systems, Freshchat helps teams and its businesses focus on a continuous and context-driven messaging experience on the website, in-product, mobile, and even social apps like Messenger.

1. Why this change? 

We realized live chat was not allowing businesses the flexibility they needed to engage better with their users. We transformed, a live chat platform into a modern messaging platform that gives businesses the flexibility they need to engage with their customers in the best way possible.

2. Will I be automatically migrated from to 

No, it wouldn’t be an automatic upgrade. You will have to manually upgrade from to

3. How can I migrate from to 

You just need to create a new account from here and replace the widget code on your website with the one you will find in the new Freshchat Settings → Web Messenger.  

4. Can I migrate my data from to 

No, you won’t be able to migrate your data from to has some new nifty features like allowing businesses to finely target their users, superior push notifications and so on. We had to make som architectural changes to the old system to build these because of which data migration would not be possible. 

5. How is better than is designed to transform from a live chat platform into a modern messaging platform. 

  •  Proactive messages to visitors with Triggered Messaging
  • Smart, swift conversations with Events timeline, Messaging history, and SmartPlugs
  • Effortless lead capture and auto-upload in CRM with Sales bot
  • Increased feature adoption and reduced churn with In-app campaigns
  • Intelligent message routing based on team member's skill levels and current load 
  • Modern web messenger with message channels and integrated FAQ section
  • Android and iOS app for team members 
  • Integrations with Freshdesk, Freshsales, Slack, Messenger, ClearBit reveal and more

6. What does this mean to a business? 

Well, because of this change, we’ve been able to build some real nifty features that allow businesses to engage better with their users. 

7. How you can achieve all this? 

Freshchat believes in being the ultimate ‘modern messaging software’, by providing the experience of messaging apps your users and team members use, everyday. By eliminating pre-chat forms, Freshchat aims to help increase conversion rates, and bring businesses closer to their early adopters. With Freshchat, conversations are continuous and context driven, and responses to visitor’s questions are faster. Smart capabilities such as intelligent routing of chats, assigning conversations based on keywords, and bot engagement ensure businesses need not worry about staffing up, and your team can maintain conversation quality. Freshchat’s latest version also has a bot that lets you engage with your website visitors, collect lead information and auto-upload them into your CRM. Freshchat’s contextual information lets sales and support teams ace conversations with prospects. With access to visitor information such as navigation path, events timeline and user data, sales teams can be well prepared before they dive into conversations.

8. Does integrate with Freshdesk? 

Yes absolutely. Freshchat has a tight integration with pre-existing tools like Freshdesk, Freshsales, Zendesk, Slack, Facebook Messenger and Clearbit. 

9. What is the pricing for Reach out to for exclusive upgrade offers. 

Note: If you have any specific queries you would want answered, please reach out to us at and one of us would be glad to help you out.