What are multilingual Message Channels?

Add and Enable Languages

How to add multilingual Message Channel?

What are multilingual Message Channels?

Multilingual Message Channels are channels that will be visible in the browser language chosen by a user.

The first step is to set the Primary language. All the content has to be first added in the Primary language for them to be translated into other languages.

To create a multilingual message channel, you need to first add the languages in Settings and Enable it. 

Add and Enable Languages

To add a language,

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Click Languages.

  1. Click Add a language. A pop-up box appears.

  1. Select a language from the drop-down. Click Add language.

  1. You can Enable/Disable the added languages using the toggle.

Repeat the above steps to add other languages. 


Enable the languages in which you want to create the message channels.

Once you create a message channel, you can see the enabled and disabled languages. Languages with greyed out toggles are disabled and the ones in blue are the enabled or active languages for that particular channel.

How to add multilingual Message Channel?

To add a channel in a different language, 

  1. Click on the channel name. The Edit Channel box appears.

  2. Click on the language to add or edit translation.

  1. Enter the details like channel name, welcome message, tags in the translated language.

  1. Click Publish.


  1. You can select the language from Preview channels in drop-down. 

  1. Click on the Not translated in channel name, the Edit Channel box appears.

  1. Enter channel details translated in the chosen language.

  1. Select the Hide checkbox if you want to hide the channel.

  2. Click Publish.


You cannot edit the Group to which the channel has been mapped or the Channel Tags.