To create a multilingual message channel, ensure your Primary Language has been chosen from the Languages icon in Settings. 

Enable the language you want to create the message channel in. 

Note: Enabling the language you want the Message Channel to be translated in, is a very important step in this process.

Go to Message Channels from the main Settings menu as shown below

With the new product update, you will now be able to see Message Channels in enabled and disabled languages 

On the top right corner of the Channel list of languages. Languages that are greyed out are the disabled languages and the ones that are in blue, are the enabled or active languages for that particular channel.

To add a channel in a different language, Click on the channel you want to translate. A dialog box opens up. 



Toggle to the Add/Edit French Translation

Alternatively, you can also do this:

Click on Preview Channels in option and pick the language you want to add the Message Channel in, from the dropdown menu. 

Click on Not Translated in link to see the channel text editor open up. Add the channel name and welcome message in the selected language. 

You can choose to add a new image by deleting the existing image in the default language, or go with the existing image. 

You can choose to hide this translated channel by checking the Hide option. 

Hit Publish to save the translated channel. 

Note: You cannot edit the Group to which the channel has been mapped or the Channel Tags, in the default language.

Your channel has now been created in French.