How to integrate Freshservice in Freshchat

You can convert Freshchat conversations into support tickets on Freshservice.

To integrate Freshservice with Freshchat

  1. Login to your Freshchat account.
  2. Go to Settings.

  3. Select Integrations.

  1. Select Freshservice.

  1. Enter your Freshservice Portal URL and Admin User Token to authorize the integration with Freshchat.

  1. Click Authorize.


To find your Freshservice Admin User Token

  • Go to your Freshservice account.

  • Select Profile Settings.

  • In the right pane, the alphanumeric key under Your API Key is the Admin User Token.

You can choose to convert every conversation into a ticket in Freshservice. 

To convert every conversation into a ticket

  • Enable the Make it mandatory for team members to convert every conversation into a ticket toggle.


If you enable the mandatory toggle, you will be unable to resolve a conversation in Freshchat. You need to convert every conversation into a ticket in Freshservice and then resolve it. 

Choose Ticket Fields to be used by the team while converting a conversation into a ticket. By default, the mandatory fields are pre-configured and cannot be modified. You can only select the optional fields.

To add ticket fields

  1. Click Add new field.

  1. Select the Optional fields from the drop-down.

  1. Click Save.

Your ticket creation is now enabled.

If you have made it mandatory to convert every conversation into a ticket, every conversation is converted into a Freshservice ticket when you click Resolve.

If not, you could resolve a ticket within Freshchat or convert it into a ticket.

Code to enable Freshchat on Freshservice

Login Freshservice and go to Admin > Helpdesk Rebranding > Customise portal > Layout & Pages

Add the following code snippet within the BODY tag. 

function initFreshChat() {
      token: "8d3a4a04-5562-4f59-8f66-f84a269897a1",
      host: "https://wchat.freshchat.com",
      externalId: "{{portal.user.email}}",     // user's id unique to your system
      firstName: "{{portal.user.first_name}}", // user's first name
      lastName: "{{portal.user.last_name}}",                // user's last name
      email: "{{portal.user.email}}",    // user's email address
      phone: "{{portal.user.phone}}",            // phone number without country code
  function initialize(i,t){var e;i.getElementById(t)?initFreshChat():((e=i.createElement("script")).id=t,e.async=!0,e.src="https://wchat.freshchat.com/js/widget.js",e.onload=initFreshChat,i.head.appendChild(e))}function initiateCall(){initialize(document,"freshchat-js-sdk")}window.addEventListener?window.addEventListener("load",initiateCall,!1):window.attachEvent("load",initiateCall,!1);