Triggered Messages and In-App Campaigns help you connect with customers and engage with visitors proactively. 

Triggered messages

With Triggered messages, you can engage with visitors and new users and drive conversations. You can schedule Triggered Messages based on the geographical location, user attributes, and ongoing offers. For example, you can schedule a Triggered Message about a 30 percent discount to appear on the checkout page if a customer’s cart value exceeds a predefined amount. Or if a user stays on your pricing page for more than a predefined amount of time, say 15 seconds, you could display a pop-up message about an offer.

In-app campaigns

In-app campaigns lets you stay connected with existing customers. With In-app campaigns, you can engage with a targeted group of users and make announcements to specific groups. You can onboard new users with tutorials, receive feedback from current users, drive feature adoption with announcements, and re-engage and retain lapsing users with customer success stories.