You can send Triggered messages based on the user activity in your website/application.

To create a Triggered message

  1. Go to Campaigns.

  2. Click Create a new campaign. A pop-up window appears.

  3. Select Triggered messages. You will be redirected to Create a Triggered Message page.

  4. Give a name to the message in the text box. This is optional and is only for your reference.

  5. In the Filters area, you can add conditions for the triggered message based on your requirements. You can also add nested conditions using AND or OR combination.

  6. Click Next. You will be redirected to Compose Your Message page.

  7. Enter the message in the Message text box. You can preview the message on the right side.

  8. Select a message channel for the message delivery to the visitor.


Inbox is listed as the default message channel unless you had created any custom message channels prior to creating triggered messages.

  1. Select a team member from whom you want the message to be sent.

You can also limit the number of times the message will be displayed to the user. 

  1. Select Limit the number of times this message is shown checkbox. Set the time cap and condition.

  2. Click Next.

  3. Your campaign is now ready to be launched. Click Launch.