What are Reports?

What is Helpdesk report?

What is Team Performance report?

What is Customer Satisfaction report?

What is Label Report?

What are Reports?

If you're an Admin, Account Admin or Super user, with Reports, you can monitor your team’s performance and boost productivity. You can view past data, pull out reports according to your requirement, and set frequency for monitoring your team performance.

What is Helpdesk report?

It gives you insights on chat support in terms of productivity, chat volume, and overall performance.

In helpdesk performance, you can filter data using the Filter By drop-down. It has the following options:

  • Time Period - Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, upto the date the account was created

  • Frequency - Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

  • Group - Pre-configured group of team members

What is Team Performance Report?

In Team Performance, you can monitor the overall performance of your team in terms of productivity and customer satisfaction (CSAT) metrics.

You can filter data by time period and group using Filter By drop-down.

What is Customer Satisfaction report?

In Customer Satisfaction, you can see the CSAT ratings as a pie-chart. You can also see the average CSAT ratings, total number of conversations, satisfactory interactions, and unsatisfactory interactions.

You can filter CSAT data by time period, group and agent using Filter By drop-down.

The table gives the following information: customer name, team member who handled the customer conversation, ratings given, customer comments and a link to the particular conversation. This could help you figure out the reason behind customer ratings and work with your team accordingly.

What is Label report?

Label Reports provide a way to track resolution labels across conversations. This report will be visible only if you have added labels and used them to tag resolved conversations. You can export the report into a .csv file by clicking Export All.