What is CSAT survey?

How to set up CSAT survey?

What is CSAT survey?

With Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) survey, you can measure customer happiness and team member performance. You can send prompts to customers asking them to rate their experience and use the data to improve your customer support.

When you enable the CSAT survey, customers will receive an automatic prompt, once you mark a conversation as resolved, asking them for their feedback. The CSAT survey would be a 5-star rating system with an option to to give an open-ended response.


How to set up CSAT survey?

To set up CSAT survey,

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click Customer Satisfaction.
  3. Toggle the Enabled/Disabled switch to enable the CSAT survey.

  4. Enter the Survey Question in the text box.

The number of characters for a survey question is limited to 100 characters.

  1. Select the Ask for Additional feedback option to receive additional comments from a user after they rate a conversation.

  2. Enter the least number of interactions required between a team member and user for the survey to be sent.

  3. Set the CSAT expiry conditions based on your requirements.

  4. Click Save CSAT Settings.