Priority Inbox helps you sort messages by First Response Due, Response Due and No Response Due. This sorts conversations in the order of priority and helps you identify which conversations are pending replies from your side.

It highlights the time for which the conversations have been waiting.

  • First Response Due - You are yet to send the first reply to the user from your side.
  • Response Due - You have replied to the first message from the user but haven't replied to subsequent messages from them.
  • No Response Due - You have responded to the customer and there are no subsequent messages from them.

After selecting the filters in Priority Inbox view, you can view the conversation's priority by hovering on the coloured label. 

This enables your team to focus on conversations that actually matter and respond to them in a timely manner without having to think through and select which conversation needs attention. It helps in maintaining a good average first response time and response time for your customers without team members and supervisors having to consciously look at the metric, assign or pick conversations.