How to add team members?

How to edit or delete added team members?

How to add team members?

After you sign up for a Freshchat account, you can add your team members (or agents) in Team Settings. In the Team Members page, you can add new members, edit member details and also see the full list of team members you have added.

To add team members to your Freshchat account,

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Click Team Members.

  3. Click Add a team member. A pop-up box appears.

  1. Enter the member details.

  1. Assign a Role and a Group.

  2. Click Save.

The team member will receive a mail to activate their Freshchat account.

How to edit or delete added team members?

To edit/delete a team member, hover on the team member and click Edit or Delete.


  • Only account owners (team member who signed up for the Freshchat account) can delete other admins from the account.

  • If the account owner needs to be changed, write to us from the email ID of the account owner requesting the same.

  • An admin or team member can be part of one account at a time. If you have a team member on a different account that you want to add to a new account, remove them from the existing account.

  • You can use multiple email accounts or aliases for the same user to create additional accounts.

  • If the team member's name is in blue, it means that they are super users or agents.If their name is black, it means that they are admins or account admins.

  • If the rectangle is white, it means that they are presently part of your account. If the rectangle is grey, it means that they are de-activated from your account and no longer have access.