What are Groups?

How to create a Group?

How to edit or delete a Group?

How to route conversations using Groups?

What are Groups?

You can organise your team members into groups like "Sales", "Support", "Product Managers", etc. Instead of assigning conversations to team members individually, you can assign to a Group. Team members in each group can then pick up conversations based on their availability and start responding to customers. 

Once you create a group and add team members to it, all conversations mapped to that specific group will only be assigned to team members belonging to that group.

For example, a group called 'Billing and Pricing' should consist of team members who are capable of resolving billing related issues or queries. 

The conditions that you set in IntelliAssign settings and Channel mapping will route conversations related to Billing and Pricing to this group.

How to create a Group?

To create a group,

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Click Groups.

  3. Click Add Group. A pop-up box appears.

  1. Enter Group Name and Description.

  1. Add team members.

  2. Select the Business Hour that you want to map to this Group.

  3. Click Save.


For every Group, you can have only one business hour setting. 

How to edit or delete a Group?

To edit/delete a group, hover on the group name and click Edit or Delete.

How to route conversations using Groups?

Groups can be used to route conversations to team members either manually or automatically.

Automated Group Mapping

If you have enabled Message Channels in your account, you can map a particular channel to a group. All conversations coming in through that message channel will be routed to the selected Group by default.

Manual Group Mapping

A conversation can be re-assigned to a different group by agents at any point in time from the conversations view.

Routing to Team Members within a Group

Once a conversation is mapped to a Group, the assignment to an agent within the group can be automated in a load balanced manner by turning on IntelliAssign settings for the specific group.

Assignment Rules allow other ways to map a conversation to a group based on multiple criteria including user properties, message information, time of the day, etc.