What are Message Channels?

Message Channels are topic-based conversation threads within the chat screen. It helps you set the right context and expectation with the users and route conversations based on topics to the right team member or support team (e.g. refunds, feedback).

You can pre-configure message channels for your business based on the most common customer queries.

Your visitors can start conversations from specific channels while you can launch contextual campaigns within a particular channel. A channel can be mapped to a group to automatically assign all conversations in that channel to that group. 

How to use Tags to restrict Message Channels?

You can use tags, to configure message channels to be visible only on certain pages or only to certain types of users (e.g. premium users, free users). For example, Pricing and Billing can be a message channel and it can be configured to be visible only on the Product Plans page of your website. Or you could have an exclusive message channel for your premium customers.

You need to add the respective tags while creating the message channel.

For instructions on how to set up message channels, refer Setting up Message Channels

For information on channel customisation using tags, refer the following link: