You can create, view, edit and disable message channels.


By default, there is one message channel, Inbox, and it cannot be disabled.

Creating a New Channel

To create a new message channel,

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Select Message Channels.

  3. Click Add a Channel. A pop-up window appears.

  1. Enter channel details like Channel Name, Welcome Message, Image.

  1. Select a group to assign the Message Channel to from the Groups drop-down.

  2. Select Public checkbox if you want to display the Message Channel on all your website pages.

If you select the Public checkbox, the message channel will be visible to all your visitors on all the pages of your website. If not, the message channel will be visible only when you filter by the tags which you have listed.

  1. Enter Tags for the Message Channel.


By specifying tags, you can configure the message channels to be visible only on certain pages or only to certain levels of users (e.g. premium users, free users). For example, Pricing and Billing can be a message channel and it can be configured to be visible only on the Product Plans page of your website.

  1. Select Hide for English Users checkbox if you want to hide the message channel for English speaking users.

  2. Click Save.

To Enable/Disable a message channel, move the Status toggle.


You cannot disable the default channel, but you can edit it.

To reorder message channels, hover over the channel for the positioning control to appear on the left, hold and drag to sort the channels.

Editing a Channel

To edit message channels, hover over the Message Channel at the far right end, click the Edit icon. 

Alternatively, click the channel name, the Edit Channel dialog box appears.