What are Assignment Rules?

How to set up Assignment Rules?

How to edit or delete a rule?

What are Assignment Rules?

Assignment Rules let you auto-assign conversations to team members based on predefined rules, filters and keywords. Assignment rules are order-based and take priority over IntelliAssign. They will also override any channel to group mapping that you have configured.

For example, you could have different sales groups to handle different regions or different support groups tasked to handle specific kind of queries. Assignment Rules can redirect the customer to the right group and/or agent. 

Different companies have different workflows, team structures, and might want to route incoming queries based on specific parameters. Freshchat’s rules engine gives you the flexibility to create your own custom workflow using different filters.

Let’s say you have a support group that deals with payment or refund related queries and you want to route all queries containing the word “refund” or “payment” to that group. You can write a rule to achieve this. 

Similarly, you can create one for your sales use case. Maybe your highest grossing state is California(USA) and you want to route all leads from California to your experienced sales representatives. 

How to set up Assignment Rules?

It is a simple If-Then workflow. You specify your conditions under the If block and the action (target agent/group for assignment) in the Then block.

To add assignment rules,

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Click Assignment Rules.

  1. Click Add New Rule.

  2. Enter a name for the rule, preferably a name that represents the set of users falling under that rule.

  3. Set the rule conditions in the Filters area

    • Select if you want users to match all of the defined conditions or any of it.

    • Add conditions (message properties, app properties or system properties).

    • Click + to add more conditions. You can also add nested conditions using AND or OR combination.

    • Select the Agent or Group to which you want to forward the queries.

  1. Click Save.


  • These rules are executed in order. Only when the first condition is met, the system will proceed to check further conditions.
  • Use the status toggle to enable an assignment rule.
  • Also, you can set up assignment rule within a specific business hour setting (such as Default/Global business hour or Group Business Hour), as shown in the screenshot above.

How to edit or delete a rule?

To edit/delete assignment rules, hover over it, and click Edit or Delete.