What are Business Hour Settings?

What are Group Business Hours?

How to set up Multiple Business Hours?

How to set up Default(Global) Business Hour?

What is Business Hour Settings?

By scheduling Business Hours, you can let your customers and website visitors know when your team is offline. When enabled, anyone who lands on your website outside your business hours or during your offline hours will receive a message, which you can pre-configure. This will help in setting the right expectations with your customers and visitors.

What are Group Business Hours?

With new Business Hours, for each day, you can add multiple business hour slots. The time between each slot will be considered as a break. For example, for Monday, you can schedule Business Hour slots like this -  9AM to 12noon then 1PM to 4PM and 5PM to 6PM. The time in between these slots will be considered as break. The Away message that you configure will be triggered during the break hours (between 12 noon to 1PM and 4PM to 5PM)  as well as during your offline hours ( which, in this case is 6PM to 9AM the next morning).

Previously, the Away message only supported plain text. But now we have added rich media support for Away message. You can format the away message (Bold, Italics, Underline), add hyperlinks, emojis, and images too.

One of the major addition to our Business Hour feature is the introduction of Group Business Hours. If you are on Estate plan, you can set up different working hours for your various teams for each day of the week by mapping Business Hours to Groups. Consider this, if you have message channels mapped to specific Groups such as US Sales or UK Sales, you can set up different Business Hours for each of these groups. However, you can only add one common Away message.


Only the customers in Estate plan can add multiple Business Hours. Those in Blossom and Garden plans can set up only one Business Hour that will apply to all the incoming conversations. 

Your existing Business Hour settings will be retained as Default(Global) Business Hour. But it cannot be mapped to specific Groups. You can enable this if you want to have one business hour setting across all incoming conversations in Freshchat.

How to set up Group Business Hours?

To set up Group Business Hours,

1. Go to Settings.

2. Select Business Hours.

3. Click Add Business Hour 

4. Give a Name for the Business Hour setting

5. Choose a Time Zone from the drop-down.

6. Enter the Away Message.

7. Select the Groups for which you want to apply this Business Hour setting.

8. In the Schedule Business Hour section, select the days of the week for which you want to configure business hours.

9. Next select the working hour slots for each day.

10. Click Save.

How to set up Default(Global) Business Hour?

To set up Default Business Hour, 

1. Click Default Business Hour.

2. You can change the name for the Business Hour setting.

3. Choose a Time Zone from the drop-down.

4. Enter the Away message.

5. In the Schedule Business Hour section, select the days of the week for which you want to configure business hours.

6. Next, select the working hour slots for each day.

7. Click Save.

Important Note:

  • For every Group, you can have only one business hour setting. 

  • You can configure Triggered Message Campaign to not trigger outside of specific business hours. In Campaign Settings, you can select the ‘Do Not Trigger Outside Business Hour’ checkbox and select a business hour from the drop-down.

  • You can create Assignment Rules based on Default (Global) as well as Group Business Hour settings.

  • The Response Expectations that you set in your Account Settings always takes precedence over Business Hour settings.

  • In case of Message Channels, now you can choose if you want to show a custom  response expectation for a channel. If you choose Default Response Expectation, the ‘Typically replies within…’ message will be displayed based on the response expectation settings that you have configured in Config (Account Settings>Response Expectations). If you choose Custom Response Expectation, you can configure a  message specific to this channel. For example, you can say ‘Typically replies within 10 seconds’, or anything else you wish to display to the user. 

Note: Custom response expectation will be displayed only within the specified Business Hour for that channel. During offline hours, the default response expectation settings from Config (Account Settings>Response expectations) will be displayed.